If you examine essay writing service reviews, you’ll know that formatting your academic papers properly is very important. If you don’t want to disappoint your teacher, you should learn about the basic rules for formatting essays. With this knowledge, it’ll be easier for you to meet the unique requirements of your particular college.

Basic Rules to Know to Format Your Essay Properly

  1. Create margins equal to one inch on all sides of your paper.
  2. Double-space the entire text of your essay.
  3. Set the font size to 12 pt.
  4. Choose Times New Roman as a font type.
  5. Use the Tab key at the beginning of every paragraph.

These are the basic rules that you’ll have to follow no matter what formatting style your teacher will require you to apply to your academic paper. For more details on formatting, check out your assignment guidelines.

How to Find the Best Essay Writing Service

If you don’t want to write and format your paper by yourself, an online academic writing company might help you. You can hire such an agency to provide you with a custom-written essay on the needed topics in exchange for money. If you want to acquire an original paper of the highest quality, you should know how to determine a professional and trustworthy online service. Here are the tips that will help you do this:

  • Look at a service’s website.
    The resource of a reliable and competent academic essay writing service should be well-designed. It should look pleasant to the eye, you should be able to navigate it easily, and it should contain a lot of information about an agency that owns it and its services. Websites of amateurs are often poorly designed and uninformative.
  • Contact a service’s customer support.
    Client support of a decent company should work 24/7. Moreover, all the questions of actual and potential customers should be answered by the members of the support team directly and clearly. If you get an answer to your message with a long delay and the answer is pretty vague, you’re likely to have contacted amateurs.
  • Enquire about a service’s writers.
    A competent essay writing service USA is likely to have only educated professionals in its staff of writers. Ask an agency to provide you with the background of its writers so that you can be sure in their high competency level. If a company is truly professional and reliable, it’ll provide you with the required information, unlike amateurs.
  • Learn about a service’s guarantees.
    Before you make a deal with an essay writing service UK, you should check whether you’ll get assurances. If an agency gives you official guarantees, you’ll be able to ask for the return of your money if your order is completed poorly. Without getting guarantees, you won’t have such an opportunity and will risk spending your money on low-quality services.

Now that you’ve learned the basics of how to format your essay, you’re likely to deal with this step of your work successfully. Remember, however, that formatting is one of the last steps. For your paper to be impressive, you should pay attention to the previous steps and put plenty of effort into them too.